Who We Are

Access TV The corporation is a leading entertainment and media business. It’s largely involved in content production and production for television, online, and over-the-top platforms, satellite, satellite, theater, live events, and even radio for both national and global markets.

Access TV also functions on various platforms such as domestic tv, radio networks, global OTT, and online platforms. Additionally, it has interests in cable, satellite, and broadband systems, in addition to publishing, consumer goods and licensing, multimedia solutions, magazine and book publishing, production and post-production services, telecommunication services, cash remittance, along content production direction.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Countdown!

Experts say that although the book Coronavirus that struck planet earth in December 2019 generated an unprecedented catastrophe for humanity the answer to this by research workers, medical scientists, and pharmaceutical firms in attempting to detect a vaccine can also be unprecedented. Under ordinary circumstances, the practice of detecting, testing, and generating a vaccine takes from 5 years to 10 years as a result of this high failure rate associated with that. As a result, the likelihood of getting a successful COVID-19 vaccine in a year of this pandemic intrusion is amazing information that speaks volumes concerning the nonstop efforts, devotion, round-the-clock oversight, use of special capital, and worldwide coordination put to it.